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requently Asked Questions...

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Question: What determines the type of thread used?

Doctor: The type of material you are sewing.  For instance if you are sewing a material that has elasticity you should use either a spun polyester or core  thread.

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Question:What is the difference between Spun Polyester and Core Threads?

Doctor: Spun Polyester is made from  polyester fibers which are spun into single yarns then plied into a thread. Core threads are made from a polyester filament core around which is  wrapped a cotton or polyester cover. The cotton wrap provides excellent sewability because it provides good needle heat resistance. Note: The polyester core is stronger than the cotton wrap and spun polyester.

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Question:What is the Tex size and how does it help determine the size of the thread needed?

Doctor: Tex Size is a ticket size of sewing thread that is based on the weight of 1000 meters of natural thread. For example if the weight is 400 milligrams the thread would be ticketed T-40. Note: The higher the Tex size the heavier the sewing thread.

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Question:Do you carry threads that comply  with Government Specifications?

Doctor: We carry all Government Spec threads in all sizes and provide Compliance Certificates.

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Question: When do I need Government Spec. thread?

Doctor: You only need threads which comply to Government Specs if you are doing government contracts or the manufacturer specifies such.

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Question: Where do you manufacture your products?

Doctor: Most of our products are Made in the USA although we do carry some imported products.

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Question: If I am doing work in a NAFTA or CAFTA country where does the thread have to be manufactured?

Doctor: Made in USA thread can be used in both  programs while imported thread can be used only in NAFTA programs.

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Question: What is organic thread and does United carry it?

Doctor: Organic thread is 100% cotton sewing thread made from cotton grown in pesticide free fields. It is then processed in an environment free potentially hazardous chemical. It is available in 3 sizes, T-35,T-70 and T-105.

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